What it takes to create your empire when you’re afraid and doubting

A year before I got certified as a Life Coach, I wanted to go for it.

I remember crying to my friend on the phone in sheer terror that I’d never be able to do it. I was afraid to fail, to flop, to do all of this effort and all invest all of this time and money in to a dream that might not work.

So I waited a full year.

During that year though, a lot changed. I changed.

I got my ass coached. Here’s what that looked like:

  • I built a new belief in myself and my ability to create a successful business.
  • I believed in possibility.
  • I learned how to take massive action, again and again, and create big results.
  • I learned how to create resiliency, so when failure showed up, I would never stop.
  • I went from self doubt and fear to confidence and capability.

And when it was time to register for coach training, I was still afraid, but I was excited-afraid this time. I believed. I trusted myself. I felt confident I would go all the way. I didn’t have to worry about failure, because even if I failed, I wouldn’t stop. It made success inevitable.

From that place, I created it.

That was the building block #1: Self belief that I can deeply help others. Confidence in myself and my abilities. A knowing that I smash goals in my life and I will smash this one.

Those building blocks – as you can imagine – brought me here, now.

Start with the most critical foundation, and you’ll build one hell of an empire.

*Want help with building that solid foundation? That’s exactly what I do. Here’s what will happen when you build confidence in yourself: you’ll build all of the things you were once too afraid to.

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