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How would more confidence completely change your life?

Hi, I’m Savanna.

Certified Life & Confidence Coach. Entrepreneur. High-achiever.

Before I found coaching, I use to feel such pressure, anxiety and self-doubt.

Because of it, I was either doing, doing, doing – obsessed with achieving and throwing spaghetti at the wall in my business and at my goals, hoping something would stick and I’d reach that confident feeling…

…or I was paralyzed. Frozen. Stuck. Stalled.

The self-created pressure, anxiety, self-doubt and insecurity I use to experience made me:

  • Over-think and second-guess everything I did
  • Fear failure and judgement (so I took very little action towards my goals)
  • Worry about what other people thought of me often
  • Hustle, over-work and aim for perfection in all of my goals so I could feel good enough
  • Feel like I was an imposter and going to be found out as a fraud at any second (and just want to hide)

Do you know what it’s like to feel that way too?

You’re not alone, and you’re in the right place to get help.

I found the tools to feel better, get unstuck and create the results I want in my life and business, and now I help people like you do the same.

Confidence coaching transformed my business and my life and the lives and businesses of my clients.

I believe it’s because confidence is a foundational component to all growth.

As your Coach and the product of this very work, I have the clear path out of the challenges you’ve been struggling to overcome.

Because…I’ve been there.

Exactly where you are.

I know how heavy the doubt, over-thinking, worrying and constant fear can be.

It keeps you stuck.
It keeps you playing small.
It makes you feel like an imposter.

And your results in your business, career and life reflect it.

But there isn’t something wrong with you.

You just haven’t learned the skill of creating confidence…yet.

It’s exactly what I help my clients do.

As a Life & Confidence Coach I believe:

  • Confidence isn’t something you’re born with, it’s something you grow
  • Anyone can change: you can change how you feel, think, and act
  • Learning how to feel confident in one area of your life will transform countless other areas of it, too
  • Every person is whole; no one is broken

I’ve supported individuals all over the world to feel more confident and achieve individual successes in business, career, relationships and life because of it.

I can help you too.

Let me show you how.


Coaching with Savanna is the BEST. I feel like Savanna knows everything, and knew early on in our sessions that coaching with her would be absolutely worth it. She makes me feel comfortable in my space. She treats me like there’s no wrong answer and helps me to understand my own brain and my own thoughts better, so it’s not me just being stuck in my own head. I’m so thankful for her and the time she’s spent helping me get out of my own way. It's been one of the best decisions I've made for myself and my business!
Jana C.
"On paper I have an excellent life, I have a successful business, great family and friends, a new venture with my acting career and my health. However, I’d always felt stuck. I felt like I was never truly working up to my potential and I was always playing it safe in my comfort zone in life and in business. The feelings of mediocrity were starting to take its toll and my confidence was very inconsistent. This inconsistency was hurting the way I showed up in my professional and personal life. While this work isn't always easy, it's been paying huge dividends. In my business as a personal trainer, I'm much more adaptive and engaged with my clients. I feel like my service is becoming increasingly customized to the client. In my work as an actor, I feel like I'm much more confident going places I was always scared or hesitant to go. When I don’t feel good, or I experience negative emotions instead of framing them as “there is something wrong with me” it has become a normal part of the human experience that either reminds me I’m alive or helps me make decision. Life is starting to feel like an adventure. If you feel like previous me, I'd highly recommend Savanna as your coach."
Marco W.