The world needs you to show up during this pandemic.

There’s a global pandemic. It’s a reality.

Many changes are happening in the world for many people. That’s a fact.

For entrepreneurs, especially those in the online space, it can feel nerve-wracking to offer your product or service during “a time like this.”

Listen: there are going to be a lot of people who think you should stop what you’re doing in your every day business, because in a lot of ways they’ve stopped what they were doing in their every day lives.

But I’ll offer this for those afraid to get hate, afraid to make offers, afraid someone’s gonna be irked by them showing up online and talking about what they do:

When we don’t show up and we choose to hide instead, the people who want what we offer can’t find us.

Think about what you offer. Why does someone need or want it right now?

If someone out there needed or wanted it before the world took precautions around a virus, what makes you think they no longer want or need it?

How does you hiding do them a disservice?  [Really take a second here.]

I like to think of this: if ONE person is helped by me because I made powerful offers, even if SIXTY people aren’t in to it – what will be the end result?

It’ll be: I helped one person.

So much better than helping no one, just because we’re afraid of being judged.

The world needs you to show up. Now. Tomorrow. Next week. Next month.

Are you willing to let people have thoughts about you while you go out there and serve your people?

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