Are you suffering your way to success?

Oh it’s possible to suffer your way to success.

It’s possible to pressure your way to riches.

Just like it’s possible to hate yourself thin.

I mean, it’s incredibly rare – because it’s so difficult to take inspired, consistent, powerful, result-producing actions from misery, or self hate, or discouragement, but it’s possible.

But.. So what? Why do it that way?

Why do we do it?

Well – and I’m speaking from experience here – we think we have to. We think it’s the way. We genuinely don’t know there’s another way, or how to do it.

Have you ever investigated some of the stories we tell ourselves about reaching goals?

Think about making money, for example. Common beliefs many of us share look like:

“You need to hustle.”
“I need to work X number of hours to be successful.”
“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
“Spending money is risky.”

If you share some of these beliefs, have you ever stopped and questioned them?

What if those were all… lies? Lies that were driving you to act from fear, or desperation, or scarcity, or pressure.

The successes I’ve had in all the different areas of my life over the past year did not come from feeling those ways.

Sure, it’s possible to suffer your way to a new outcome. But we don’t have to.

And as a matter of fact, the better we feel – the more confident, the more inspired, the more motivated – the better actions we take.

When we feel good, we make moves. We get out there. We do the damn thing. We show up.

We’re far less likely to make big moves when we’re scared, or small, or intimidated, or doubtful. From there? We hide. We stay put. We dip a toe in only, if at all.

So what if your work – right now, wherever you are in your life and business – is turning inwards. Checking out those stories. Questioning them.

Are you suffering your way to success?

And do you believe there could be another way?

Pro tip: If another way is possible for someone else on the planet, it’s possible for you.

If you’re ready to do the work and end the suffering on your way to success, let’s talk. Click here to book a free 1:1 consult to get started.


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