You need to know your value at your core, first

In my first business – an online clothing store of products I designed – I made the mistake to take my confidence from what other people thought about me and my products.

I was encased in self doubt and every sale of my clothing gave me this little spike of hope that I clung to.

But… it never seemed to tip the scales.

I thought that when enough people validated my work and loved my brand, I would feel good about it too.

I imagine you can guess what happened?

There was no number – money, sales or customers – that validated me enough. I always needed more.

And I barely got out there to even be seen because, you know, that’s what insecurity looks like.

It killed my business.

I killed it.

I didn’t know how to fix it.

Now I do.

Here’s what I want you to consider if you notice this trend in yourself:

Are you asking someone to believe in you before YOU believe in you?

Are you asking someone to see your worth before YOU see your worth?

Are you asking someone to invest in you before YOU invest in you?

Yeah? Then you’ve got in backwards.

Because you’ll never be able to show up in a powerful, compelling, confident way until you think these things about you first.

When you start to understand and carry your own sense of value, other people notice. I say that from experience from both sides of the track.

Stop trying to convince others to see your value, and start seeing it for yourself. You’ll notice the difference in you, and then, so will they.

*Are you struggling with this? You’re not alone, and you don’t have to stay there. Let’s build your self confidence and belief in yourself, together. That’s what I help my clients to do. Click here if you’re ready for help.

Step in to being your highest version of you, by believing in you first.

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