There are no special unicorns.

I was interviewed on a few podcasts in March, talking confidence, perfectionism, and entrepreneurship.

In 2018, I could not have imagined speaking on a podcast.

I believed that podcast interviews were for special unicorns that have a billion years of experience and who the world has recognized and approved of in countless, huge ways.

Well, today I was interviewed on my 5th podcast (it was so fun!)

And you know what I’ve learned?

Podcasts are run by humans, for humans.
And I’m a human.

They’re a (very fun) opportunity to help people with something they’re struggling with. 

Podcasts are simply a platform for sharing knowledge, tools and insight with an interested audience.

And I have SO much that can help entrepreneurs – the audience I most often speak to. 

Ultimate lesson?

There are no special unicorns.

There are no milestones that will tell you you’re worthy or good enough.

No marching band that will tell you you’re an expert in your field or business or life.

There’s only you. You decide.

You decide who you are.
You decide you’re good enough to offer what you have to the world.
You decide you’re valuable.

And when you make those decisions in your heart of hearts, two things happen:

1. You feel way more confident, and you go out and do all of the things you once thought you couldn’t achieve.

2. The world takes notice, because you show up in your most powerful way. They want what you have to offer, because you show up as confident and valuable, because it’s what you’re believing about yourself…so they start to believe it too. 

Stop waiting to become a special unicorn. You’re it. Right now.

Most of my clients don’t need help knowing what to do. They need help believing they can do it. And when they unlock that part of themselves? Magic happens.

Create confidence and you’ll create the the results that follow it. I’ll teach you how.

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