87% of businesses fail in their first year…

87% of businesses fail in their first year.
59% of entrepreneurs quit after their first 6 months.
76% of people don’t reach the annual goals they set at the beginning of the year.

You scared?

Well don’t be.

I made all of those numbers up.

And I did it, because:

Who cares.

Who cares what the numbers about other people are.

I always use to do this: Look to what other people were able to do or accomplish to determine what I could do.

I used other people’s accomplishments to determine what I could be capable of.

I used stats and numbers and scary stories to decide how much I should believe in myself.

But it’s 1000% backwards, because other people’s choices mean nothing about me.

Their choices and experiences have nothing to do with what I’m capable of.

Or what I’m going to create.

Or my success.


And you neither.

Who cares what other people have given up on, failed at, not followed through on, or quit.

That’s not the determining factor to someone else’s success.

That’s got nothing to do with your story and what’s to come for you.

Stop using scary stories and stats to keep you playing small in your life.


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