Why you must practice being the future version of you now

How willing are you to believe in your goal BEFORE the results arrive?

We have it so backwards. I definitely did.

In my first business, I was only willing to believe my small little store was awesome/special/of value when other people told me so.

I wanted to believe it was the bees knees, but I still relied on sales, online engagement, and approval of others to give me permission to really believe in it.

As you can imagine, my little business didn’t last. I constantly needed external validation and results to ever believe in it.

This is what so many of us do in our businesses, in our goals.

We’re only willing to believe in ourselves once we accomplish the thing we wanted to do.

We’re only willing to think we’re great presenters after other people have applauded and approved.

We’re only willing to invest in ourselves or our business if we have a super clear, direct, nothing-could-go-wrong path laid out in front of us (you know, the one that doesn’t exist?)

But in order to get to the goal – to be able to accomplish the things we want to accomplish – we need to believe now.

You need to be the person who has the result you want right now, before it’s actually arrived.


Because when you are thinking and feeling like the person who’s accomplished that goal, you’ll do the things that version of you would do.

And I can tell you, that version of you looks a whole lot different than the one who is only willing to believe in herself after the results show up.

Belief comes first. And then results. That’s how you create them.

As your coach, I’ll teach you how. Because once you create confidence, you’ll create the results you want. And, feel pretty awesome doing it.

Book a free consult call with me and let’s talk about how to blow up your 2020 with more confidence and way less fear.


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